Surrogacy Law

Surrogacy law varies quite considerably from country to country and anyone considering crossing borders to achieve their family should take great care to ensure that you understand the law in your country of choice.

Gay Lawyers can help you plan your surrogacy journey, especially if you choose to go abroad to access surrogacy services and most particularly when bringing your new baby home.   There are many things to think about:

  • Is surrogacy legal in your country of choice? 
  • Do you know all the regulations relating to the surrogacy services you wish to access?
  • What will be the on-going status of your surrogate?
  • Have you established that your surrogate fully understands the arrangement?
  • Which nationality will your child hold?
  • Have you got the correct documentation to bring your baby home?
  • Have you planned how to obtain parental status?
  • Are you sure you have budgeted correctly?

If you want to use surrogacy services based in the UK there are very particular regulations governing the procedure.  The surrogate mother can only be paid reasonable expenses and may not profit from the arrangement.  It is absolutely essential that legal steps are taken to ensure that you and your partner obtain legal parental custody over your child, as in English law the person who gives birth to a child is the legal mother, regardless of whether she has any genetic link to the child. 

Gay Lawyers can advise and assist you achieve the family you have always wanted.

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