LGBT Employment Lawyers for Senior Executives in London

Partnership Disputes

The issues faced by senior executives in the workplace vary considerably from those of the wider workforce.  From protecting your position in board room politics or any other facet of your corporate service Giambrone can work with you to protect your interests.

Should a partnership dispute arise there is an imperative to reach a resolution that protects the business and limits any potential harm.  It is not uncommon for the strength of feeling on both sides to prohibit rational negotiations. 

In partnership politics there are any number or reasons that such a dispute can arise, disputes over how the rights and obligations are shared, the variations between different partners’ retirement provisions and of course, one of the most challenging of disputes are those in partnerships involving family members. 

A partner who finds that they are caught up in such a situation urgently needs to protect their position from the outset, particularly if the dispute is threatening the continued existence of the business.   Understanding the legal rights and the options available is essential to closing down a dispute as quickly as possible, which offers the best chance of survival to the partnership.  Our lawyers will set out the position for you and suggest viable options to limit your personal risk and enable the partnership to continue if at all possible.

Executive Compensation and Severance

The very best time for a top level executive to negotiate a good severance package is before you accept the position.  Whilst it’s not guaranteed, in the world of heavily pressured senior executives it has to be accepted that there is a possibility that you will leave at some time in the future, due to a variety of reasons, it may involve a hasty exit from the company.  Office based political conspiracies are often hard to avoid. 

Directly after the boardroom battle is not always the best time to extract a decent compensation package.  Furthermore, the knowledge that an extremely generous severance package is waiting for you might stay the hand of the boardroom executioners.

There are a considerable number of issues to take into account to protect your position and be able to go forward without restrictions that hamper your ability, in the future, to earn a satisfactory living.   Our corporate lawyers will advise you and devise a robust strategy aimed at obtaining the best result for you.   We can either stand by your side and assist you through the negotiations or negotiate on your behalf, with your agreement, from the amount of the financial settlement to terms of any announcements in the press and letters of recommendation.


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