LGBT Discrimination Lawyers in London

Members of the LGBT community are no strangers to discrimination, at some point in their lives from school, to the workplace, to areas that impact on your social life such as in restaurants and hotels, most people will have had a bad experience.  Some will have had a sustained campaign aimed at them.

Despite several successive pieces of legislation against all forms of discrimination, the destructive vitriol of discrimination is still present from subtle patronising to lack of progression in the workplace to direct aggression or even physical attack.  There is no place in society for such behaviour; if you believe you have been discriminated against or have been treated unfairly or repeatedly harassed on the basis or your sexuality or for any other reason which is expressly prohibited by law – gender, race, religion, age or disability, we can help you.

Discrimination in the workplace is depressingly frequent and we recognise that many people suffer in silence due to embarrassment, often not wishing to discuss the reasons or the nature of the campaign waged against them, nor the unpleasant things that have been said to them.

Our LGBT lawyers in Giambrone have extensive experience in assisting clients who have been subjected to workplace discrimination; we will deal sensitively with your issue combined with understanding and empathy.

If you have experienced workplace discrimination or have been refused service due to your sexual orientation, religion, race, age or disability our lawyers can help


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