Gay Lawyers at the City of London Pride reception at Guildhall

Gay lawyers was delighted to be invited to the first reception hosted by the City of London Corporation in connection with the Pride celebrations in which the City of London will participate for the first time. 

The event took place in Guildhall and prior to the reception, there was a flag raising in Guildhall Yard, which saw the rainbow flag fly above Guildhall for the first time. Rainbow flags will also fly over Mansion House and the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey).  The first openly gay Sheriff of London attended together with many of the other Aldermen resplendent in their scarlet robes, even on such a hot day. 

The City of London is making an impressive positive statement of support for the LGBT community, which Gay Lawyers wholeheartedly applauds and supports.  The attendance by the City of London in the Pride celebrations by taking part in the walk in the City together with the rainbow flags represents a laudable change of attitude from that which may have been found in the Corporation comparatively recently, when Gay Lawyers learned that an openly gay Alderman was informed that he could not bring a male partner to any of the official dinners and events, and it would be best if he found a lady to accompany him.

Gay Lawyers works tirelessly for equality in the LGBT community and assists our clients in redressing discrimination and prejudice wherever it is found.