Gay Lawyers and Gareth Thomas - Football Homophobia documentary


Alfie v Homophobia: Hate in the beautiful game

Gay Lawyers, the LGBT division of Giambrone, is proud to be associated with the BBC documentary fronted by Gareth Thomas, the renowned Welsh rugby international, which looks into the issue of homophobia in football.


Gareth Thomas is one of the few high level sportsmen to come out during the course of his playing career.  When Gareth, (also known by his rugby nickname of Alfie) turned his attention to homophobia in football he discovered that homophobia is rife in the sport. 

Gay Lawyers was approached to draft a Code of Conduct for the football sector which provides guidance to the football associations and clubs in how to tackle homophobia at all levels in football; which aimed to deliver the same robust protections to those that are enforced in cases of race discrimination and also outline the penalties that should be implemented.  

Gabriele Giambrone, the managing partner, was interviewed by Gareth Thomas and gave his views on the fact that steps to limit homophobia in the football have been markedly different to the largely successful campaign to eradicate racism.   “It is difficult to not to draw the conclusion that homophobia may emanate from the top down in football” commented Gabriele Giambrone “ with the FA chairman, Greg Clarke, stating that he wasn’t sure whether football was ready for gay players to come out”.

Gay Lawyers supports all organisations working towards eliminating homophobia.