Gay Lawyers - Case study Workplace Discrimination

Gay Lawyers has been instructed by a person who experienced workplace discrimination in relation to his sexual orientation and on-going mental health issues. 

Our client works in a well known London art gallery and has been battling with addictions and mental health problems for over ten years.   He had reached a very low point in his life and felt that he should approach his employers to explain his position and ask for support.  Regrettably, this action resulted in his employers accusing him of arriving at work whilst under the influence of illegal drugs and bringing the organisation into disrepute due to the fact he had posted information about his addiction on his personal social media platforms.

Our client attempted to further explain his mental health problems involving depression and anxiety which led him to his drug use, which resulted in him being suspended, without explanation, whilst the organisation undertook a disciplinary investigation.  He then turned to Gay Lawyers for assistance and during the course of the initial meeting with Gabriele Giambrone, a partner at Gay Lawyers, it was recognised immediately that our client’s employers had failed to adhere to their own disciplinary procedures and those required by law.  It further emerged that the employers had been involved in several disputes of a similar nature with former employees where procedures had not been followed and the employees were victimised due to their health issues.

Initially, Gay Lawyers has commenced an appeal against the disciplinary proceedings, following which there may be further action taken to address the question of discrimination.

A culture of discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace is surprisingly common and has a detrimental consequence to the victim which can last some time.