• Divorce and Family law

    Regardless of whether you are starting or ending a civil partnership or marriage, Gay Lawyers can assist you by ensuring that your relationship starts out on a sound footing or ends with the best possible outcome.

  • Discrimination

    Discrimination in the workplace is depressingly frequent, many people suffer in silence owing to the offensive campaign waged against them. Gay Lawyers can assist you to obtain recompense for the prejudicial treatment you have experienced.

  • Immigration

    If your partner is a foreign national subject to immigration control, Gay Lawyers can guide through the requisite procedures whether you want your partner to join you in the UK or you just want to get married in the UK and live elsewhere.

  • Inheritance and Wills

    When considering making a will and how you would like to share your estate, Gay lawyers can provide sound advice and a will which delivers absolute clarity of intention.

  • Senior Executives

    To assist senior executives with employment matters requires specialist knowledge of the workplace issues they face. Gay lawyers can ensure that your entrance or exit from a partnership or board, or any other key aspect of your corporate service, is managed in the best possible way.

  • Surrogacy

    Surrogacy is a well trodden successful path to parenthood for the LGBT community. Gay Lawyers can help you plan your surrogacy journey, especially if you choose to go abroad to access surrogacy services and most particularly when bringing your new baby home. There are many things to think about.